Oracle's Java and Browser Compatibilty

HRMS Users,
With the exception of Employee Self-Service and workflow approvals, almost all of the Oracle HR system uses the Java programming   language for its functionality. Most browsers (including Google Chrome and   Mozilla Firefox) now disallow Java over security concerns, and Microsoft will soon stop supporting Internet Explorer altogether.
In response, Oracle introduced a new feature called Java   Web Start, which allows the HR system to run Java directly from the user’s   computer, regardless of what browser is used. We plan to apply this feature   to our Oracle system in late November or early December, allowing us   to use Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer (for   as long as it is supported), and other browsers.
Some preparation is required to ensure that users will be able to access the Oracle HR system after Java Web Start is applied.
Note that if only Employee Self-Service or the Approval Worklist are used, the user does not use Java forms and does not need to do anything. For those of you who do use Java forms, we are working on an automated solution to minimize interruption. This process is being tested now.
Thank you,